A.R.C Prison Guard








  • Baton
  • MP7


  • Helmet
  • Gas Mask

A.R.C. Prison Guards are correction officers stationed in the A.R.C. Detention Establishment. Their job is to keep the Inmates in check. Most of the guards are dead or have become Zombies.

Notable guards Edit

  • Roy Duncan: Seen in the locker room.
  • Carlos J.: Seen in the shower room control room.
  • MIles Petersen: Seen in the control room near the warden's office.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite never encountering live Prison Guards during the outbreak, various audio clips for situations Prison Guards are not found in during Chapter 1 can be found in the game files, such as combat dialogue, spotting various enemies and even sounds for stealth sections. This may suggest that the Prison Guards were once encountered during the outbreak in early stages of the game, whether they were meant to be friendly or hostile is unknown.

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