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The A.R.C. Security Guards of the Arizona Desert are multiple characters found at the end of Underhell. Two A.R.C. Soldiers were heard commenting about being a prisoner in the A.R.C. Facility while the Pilot of the helicopter was speaking on the radio. Asking Control for permission to land within "The Core".


* "I'll never get used to this place. It's just so damn huge!"

* At least you're not one of those poor bastards who work down there. I hear they never even go out to see daylight."

* "Fuck that! You'd have to pay me a shitload of money to put me to work under there. Hell, I like the sun!"

* "Yeah. A lot of them are here on work visas, they'll put up with anything I guess. Pretty shitty deal if you ask me."

* "Yeah."

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