In Underhell, there is a number of achievements that you can gain. These achievements can be seen in the Shed in The House hub and are represented as Trophies.

Tutorial AchievementsEdit

  • SWAT Helmet
    • Complete SWAT Training.
  • SWAT Cap
    • Beat Mike's score in the tactical simulation.

Prologue AchievementsEdit

  • Sniper Rifle (Bullseye)
    • Rescue the hostage on the roof of the hospital.
  • Speakerphone (Negotiator)
    • Solve the hostage situation in the apartments.
  • ACE Head (ACE Hunter)

Chapter One AchievementsEdit

  • SPAS 12 Shotgun ("Lucy")
    • Find painkillers for Junior in the Medical Bay and bring them to Bryan.
  • CD Case (1) (Tech Apprentice)
    • Recover Ben's CD Case.
  • CD Case (2) (Tech Expert)
    • Install Ben's programs in the mainframe.
  • Dawn Book (Spy Apprentice)
  • Terry's Colt
    • Rescue all encountered survivors.
  • Metal Gear (Solid Jake)
    • Sneak into the South Wing mainframe and the lower labs monitor room without raising the alarm.
  • Family Photo (Family Reunion)
    • Find 52 playing cards for Hermit and recover the Hermit Card.


  • SWAT Helmet
  • SWAT Cap
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Speakerphone
  • ACE Head
  • Lucy
  • Ben's CD Case
  • Vampire Book
  • Terry's Colt
  • Metal Gear
  • Family Photo

Additional InfoEdit

  • The hostage situation in the apartments is randomized, the suspect may either surrender or attack you. The speakerphone is red if the perp is aggressive, it is blue if he surrendered.
  • The side quests on Chapter One can be unlocked if you interact to the characters frequently.
  • The Hermit Card appears in the Biology Lab (where Tom Hawkfield's journal is placed) only if you collected a full deck of playing cards. Otherwise the Hermit Card does not appear.

Location of Playing Cards

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