Alexander Voysey is a 3D artist. He mostly works on creating environments and buildings, though he has experience of working on other aspects of 3D design.

His work in Underhell is creating new view model assets for weapons and remaking character models.

Alexander's portfolio



  • Glock 17Go to Glock 17
  • M3 ShotgunGo to M3 Shotgun
  • MP5Go to Heckler & Koch MP5
  • MP5 EODGo to MP5 EOD
  • G36KGo to Heckler & Koch G36K
  • SilencerGo to Silencer
  • Sniper RifleGo to Sniper Rifle
  • Mossberg 590Go to Mossberg 590
  • Colt PythonGo to Colt Python
  • RPGGo to RPG
  • BerettaGo to Beretta
  • SPAS 12Go to SPAS 12
  • MP7Go to MP7
  • Benelli M4Go to Benelli M4
  • MGLGo to Multiple Grenade Launcher (MGL)
  • MinigunGo to Minigun

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