The Bullet Time is a feature that occurs at rare times during Underhell.

It's function is to slow down time to the point where individual bullets can be seen moving by the naked eye, while allowing them to maintain largely full action speed. Most of the bullets shot at the player during bullet time can be dodged.

Bullet Time cannot be actively triggered by the player without the use of console commands, but a similar effect can be achieved if cheats are enabled and the player enters a host_timescale value between 0.1 and 0.9.

Bullet Time EventsEdit


Chapter OneEdit

  • When Bryan revives Jake at the start of the fake escape sequence, he is given a Minigun and Bullet Time is engaged as soon as the door opens to reveal a massive room full of PMC Soldiers. It, like the U.D.R.C. Bullet Time event, will expire after some time has passed, even if enemies are still present in the area.


  • Bullet Time only slows down the game to enhance the player's reflexes and to provide a cinematic feel to a tense situation. It does not grant temporary invulnerability, meaning Jake can still be killed by normal means during Bullet Time.

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