Carlos "Charly" Sotelo is the second person to be hired in Mxthe's search for a programmer, however unlike the first coder(first coder was kicked off the team because he has made no work at all), Carlos actually made progress on Underhell.

Known WorkEdit

NPCs / Ragdolls

  • Implementing a dynamic/hammer editable bodygroups for NPCs. Even making a effective system for Hammer, IE. (BodyGroup - #) (Head - 4; Torso - 1)
  • Developed a fully functional and reliable disemberment system.
  • Added new system for AI, allowing them to detect defeated allies when a body is found. Turned on or off using Hammer Editor.

Minimizing Source Engine Limitations

  • Allowed for multiple messages within the env_message entity. (1-16)
  • Reworked the env_message to prioritize messages for easy usage.
  • Implemented multiple inputs for the env_hudhint making it so that it sends the message from a target parameter(1-16).
  • Stabilized and enhanced the env_global entity allowing for reliable bounce maps when transitioning.
  • Updated the Source Engine to allow for multiple render targets rather then just one. This is useful for having multiple point_cameras all functioning at once for multiple screens.


  • Implemented feature for weapons, when facing too close to a solid object the weapon will be unable to shoot.
  • Created dynamic changes within NPC stats depending on bodygroups, such as a helmet.

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