This is a list of Cut content that never made it into the mod.

Original StorylineEdit

  • Underhell was to be a multiplayer game.

Cut CharactersEdit

Cut WeaponsEdit

  • M16
  • Meat Cleaver
  • USP Match (Probably replaced by the regular USP/SOCOM Mk.23).
  • Dual USP Matches
  • Laser Cannon
  • Hammer

Cut ScenesEdit

  • Originally there was going to be a scene in court after the incident at the U.D.R.C..
  • In Chapter One Jake could find a turret and later use it. "That scene was a 'deleted scene' from the final game, we had no time to finalize it." Mxthe says.
  • The well was orginally intended to be a cave entrance, but Mxthe thought a well could work. So after watching the 2002 film "The Ring", Mxthe replaced the cave entrance with the well.

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