The Cypher is a recon-type UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) used for surveillance and communication support of A.R.C. operations. They can be seen flying around the Core in the A.R.C.


Cyphers first appear in The Core during Jake's arrival at the A.R.C. One is sent down to scan Jake and the other two inmates near the North Wing Core Access. During the outbreak, Ben makes a plan to access the other wings by making a manual cypher. On Level 2, Ito discovers that the cyphers were hacked and he changed the codes as a result. Ben orders Jake to get a new code from the Mainframe. However, Takeo steals the cypher head after the group discovers he is not listed in the employee records, but he leaves the North Wing Access opened. The final appearance of a cypher is during the confrontation with the harrier jet at the core, where Jake goes to the Eastern Core Access to call down a cypher and open the doors.


  • The Cypher originates from a real-world UAV - The Sikorsky Cypher
    • This also may be a nod to Konami's Metal Gear franchise, which uses the Cypher as an unmanned drone which can carry weaponry.


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