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The Dream corridor with all 4 "dreams" unlocked.

Once night falls, Jake can use the bed in the Bedroom to access a series of "dreams". The player starts off in a small corridor with 6 doors, 4 of them leads to different dream sequences (see Dreams below), while the door directly in front of the player is locked. The door behind the starting point is used to wake up.

The Prologues' DreamsEdit

There are 4 dreams in total, with each one unlocked after the last has been cleared and bears a specific theme.

*Note that the name of the dreams are all conjecture, meaning they are not official names*.

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Guilt. The room with the closet.

In Guilt, Jake has to explore a series of pitch-black rooms using flares. There are 4 main rooms and 3 of them contains Diary Pages that must be read to continue further. The last room features a big metal closet for Jake to hide from his Guilt when it comes for him. This could mean that Jake is responsible for, or at least played an unknown role in his wife's death and tries to hide from it.

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Hidden. Red light pillars

In Hidden, Jake has to maneuver a room with 5 big pillars while avoiding being hit by the Red Lights spinning around them. This could signify a mystery inside the House that caused the death of Jake's Wife and is avoiding detection from Jake and the investigators.

2012-08-06 00009

Hydrophobia. Note the pool of water below.

In Hydrophobia, Jake has to use a series of boxes to create a ladder to climb up from the pool of water below and reach the White Light at the end. The theme of water might be related to where Mrs. Hawkfield died: in a bathtub full of water.

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Evade. Watch out for those lights.

In Evade, the player must make it past a large room with Red Lights continuously and randomly sweeping overhead. The lights moves rather quickly and unpredictably, they are also very dimly lit, so caution must be excercised at all times. The theme of this room is similar to Hidden.

Chapter One's DreamsEdit

After Jake falls asleep in his cell, he dreams of the cell room being filled up with water and he drowns.

Once the 1st chapter is completed, there is another set of 4 dreams the player must complete.

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