Emily as she appears in Nightmare House. Note the resemblance to Jake's Wife

Emily Romero is a character in Nightmare House 2 that tecnically exist in Underhell as well. She is the deceased wife of George Romero and her spirit haunts the Never Lose Hope Hospital.


  • Emily Romero does not have any appearance in Underhell.
  • Emily Romero will not cross over in Underhell's storyline.
  • Players of both Nightmare House 2 and Underhell often assume that Emily Romero is Jake Hawkfield's Wife. This is false, both Emily and Mrs. Hawkfield are two seperate characters.
  • Note that the textures for Emily is different compared to both of the textures for Jake's Wife.
  • Emily Romero has very similar traits to Jake's Wife, however Emily is audibile while the latter is not.

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