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Dr. Romero from NH2.

Dr. George Romero is a character in the Underhell Universe and is one of the few elements that crosses between it and the Nightmare House storyline.

Doctor Romero had ran tests on Jake Hawkfield, analyzing his blood. It is unknown how many tests were run on him.

It could be possible that Jake is the first specimen to be victimized by Dr. Romero's machine, a massive, metal sphere called "The Core" which causes victims to experience terrifying hallucinations that have the potential to harm the victim. This could explain why Jake is viewing glimpses of his deceased wife, and why in some instances she is able to "kill" him.


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    Died on October 14, 2013.

His name is a reference to the Director George A. Romero, Who is referred to as "The godfather of zombies".