The Hand Held Flashlight is a item that is obtainable by the Player within The House and Chapter One. The flashlight requires batteries to function and is discarded when the Player wakes up. The flashlight respawns in the exact same drawer everyday unless acquired by the player, where it will spawn on the inventory table instead. It is currently not required to discover the secrets of the house. It can only be equipped when wielding melee weapons, the Glock 17, the Beretta, or when unarmed. Having any incompatible weapon equipped, such as a shotgun, and attempting to use the flashlight will force the player to equip their pistol, or if the player is not carrying a flashlight-compatible pistol, they are switched to their melee weapon if they have one. If the player possesses neither a melee weapon or a compatible pistol, they are forced to use the flashlight while unarmed.

Its beam is visible to enemies and alerts enemies who see the flashlight's beam to the player's presence when spotted, thus forcing the player to rely on glowsticks and nightvision for illumination if they wish to remain undetected.

After completing Ben's side quest in Chapter One, the player is rewarded with the Shoulder Flashlight, which replaces the hand-held flashlight for the rest of the chapter.


  • Despite having batteries loaded when the player picks them up, the flashlight will always spawn empty.
    Flash light

    Hand Held flashlight