The Infected
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  • A.R.C.
  • The City


Infected Personnel/Civilians

The Infected are infected personnel ranging from Security guards, Inmates, Workers and Civilians, and is the most common enemy seen in Underhell.

Infected Security guards and workers often carry helmets, with the helmets of some security guards having a visor which will resist multiple bullets before popping off, but the visor may also be flipped up which allows for headshots from the front. Some infected are equipped with shoulder flashlights, which can assist the player in determining their line of sight which proves useful when attempting to sneak past an infected. Various infected may also carry melee weapons of all kinds. 


These sprinting zombies are turned by an unknown disease, the former personnel start displaying necrosis and rot alive before coming back to life later.

Infected are observed functioning in combat while missing both arms, but severing legs or decapitating them will prove effective in dispatching them. They are quite resilient to attacks directed at their torso. 

Infected, armored or not, are capable of climbing pipes and ladders as well as leaping down from high places. Infected may also jump rather long distances to quickly navigate the environment. Infected can also be seen throwing objects to hit the player when they are out of range.

Infected often display a horde mentality. If the player fires their gun too much or generally makes too much noise, a horde will be drawn to them until they kill most of the horde or hide until the horde disperses. An audio cue will indicate an approaching horde, and dynamic horde music displays the intensity of the horde. 

They are described as appearing to have been "cooked" from the inside.

They emit rather inhuman shrieks and growls, more closely resembling that of an animal. 

They're also weakened in sunlight and seem to be unable to fight if exposed to it. It is unknown if daylight will serve as a gameplay element in Chapter 2.

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