Josh Hammond is Jake Hawkfield's Private Investigator. He was formerly working on investigating Jake's Wife's death, trying to uncover if it was suicide or murder. However he had recieved request to drop the investigation by his fellow peers. Given his stubborness to uncover the case, revealed to him that there is more to Jake's Wife's death. Josh quickly drops the investigation as he is frightened if his family is at risk should he wishes to continue the investigation.

In Chapter One he makes a call to Jake:

"Uh hello, Mr.Hawkfield? It's Hammond. Josh Hammond. Look, I feel really bad about dropping your case, I really do but...I heard what happened to your wife, and I'm really sorry. Listen I'm not sure if I should tell you this but... You know when you're an investigator? There's times you feel like you have to back down. For your own safety. It just feels like a survival instinct. With me there's this other instinct that just keeps on working, keeps on thinking, it just keeps on sniffing tracks and leads and keeps connecting the dots. just leads me in circles. I don't know if I should be telling you this over the phone but...your wife...something's just not adding up. We have to meet. As soon as possible, this is important.'


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