Linda is a character in Underhell. She appears to be Her colleague from the veterinary clinic. She can be heard during one of the phone calls in The House.


  • "Hi, um, Mr.Hawkfield? It's Linda from the veterinary clinic. I wanted to call you to give my deepest sympathies about...Oh my God, I'm sorry. I cried all night long, and I thought I could suck it up for five minutes to call you but...I...I can't. I'm sorry.Gosh, they should invent a cancel call button or something like that to...delete the call! I just can't believe it. It doesn't make any sense! I mean, she was happy, she was so happy! Her life was becoming a dream and she was about to have everything she wanted. She was so joyful here, I can't believe it! It just doesn't make any sense...I'm just...sorry..."

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