Maintenance MGPS-map

Map of the MGPS

The Multi Generator Power System, or MGPS, is located at the bottom of the A.R.C. It provides the entire facility with power.


The MGPS is the A.R.C's main source of power. The MGPS works with a system of five (5) generators, 4 to give power to the Facility and one (1) to fill any greater demand.

Each of the four (4) generators makes one big grid and fills all the squares in the grid with power equally. If one of the generators needs more power one of the other generators needs to give that missing power.

Only one of the generators can give the missing power, and this one is usually the biggest, but its also the most unstable. If a generator requests more then the bigger generator can provide the big generator crashes and needs to be manually rebooted.

In UnderhellEdit

Chapter 1: Welcome To UnderhellEdit


  • The MGPS was possibly modelled after the Chernobyl reactor.

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