PMC Hazmat Soldier


  • U.D.R.C.
  • A.R.C.







  • Helmet
  • Gas Mask
  • Radio


PMC Hazmat Soldiers are one of the tiers of soldiers commanded by Ito. They handle problems that occur in toxic or radioactive areas.


Prologue: We Have a SituationEdit

The PMC Hazmat Soldiers first show up when Jake is in the bottom of the parking garage when he finds the Gatling Turrets. With no way around them, Jake has to go all the way back up when some PMC Soldiers drive into the parking garage in military jeeps to trick Frank Greene into thinking that they were reinforcements for Jake. As Jake continues up, he is ambushed by these soldiers. Jake later finds a squad of them holding a group of U.D.R.C. employees hostage before getting knocked out. Three more soldiers are seen guarding the gas chamber, who are later killed after Jake is exposed to the virus and loses his mind in a crazed, bloodthirsty rampage across the facility.

Chapter 1: Welcome To UnderhellEdit

Jake first sees the PMC Hazmat Soldiers outside the safe-room in the Shooting Range after they were killed by a mysterious entity seen only for a fleeting second. The first time Jake actually fights them is after he wakes up from one of his blinking light dream sequences. When he returns to the Core, a group of soldiers are seen departing from the MH-53 and moving into Level 1. There are numerous hazmat soldiers in the South Wing Mainframe along the path to get the Cypher Codes. Jake can either sneak past them or fight his way through all of them, but these soldiers will call in for a squad of Riot Shield-toting reinforcements if they spot Jake. They are also seen in the Lower Labs when Jake attempts to kill Marcus. He sees them again when escaping the complex after the safe-room in the Biology Labs is attacked, and Jake's final encounter with the PMC Hazmat Soldiers is during his escape on the maintenance train network with Bryan and Junior.