PMC Soldier


  • A.R.C
  • U.D.R.C







  • Helmet
  • Gas Mask
  • Radio

PMC Soldiers (Also known as Terrorists or Unidentified Personnel) are the mercenary units of the Private Military Company, who are called as a last resort whenever a Code Red is ordered at one of the facilities owned by the company.


The PMC soldiers are the standard group of soldiers led by Masahiro Ito. They are often used for operations that do not require any specialised equipment or skills.


The soldiers come in different varieties:

Ground SoldiersEdit

Hazmat SoldiersEdit

Desert SoldiersEdit

Known MembersEdit

Quotes (incomplete)Edit


  • "Target sighted!"
  • "Jesus Christ!"
  • "That bastard's around here somewhere."
  • "That's him!"
  • "Get back!"
  • "Fuck you!"
  • "Target!"
  • "I said shut up!"
  • "Now! Start firing!"
  • "Start shootin already!"
  • "Help!"
  • "Over here"
  • "Somebody get over here!"
  • "God damn it! Help me!"
  • "Now! Start firin'!"
  • "Let's dance!"
  • "What did I tell you?"
  • "Oh fuck, He got me!" *"Oh that little fuck got me!" Referring to Jake.


Conversations Edit

Chapter One Edit

Level 2, West Wing Edit

Conversation 1 Edit
Conversation 2 Edit

Level 2, South Wing Edit

Tech Team Edit
Power Edit

Level 2, North Wing Edit

New Agents Edit
Where's Marcus? Edit

Level 2, Lower Labs Edit

Check It 1 Edit
  • [01] "Check It."
  • [02] "It's clear."
Check It 2 Edit

Level 5, Surface Access Edit

  • [01] "So Ito really thinks those guys are gonna walk through the main entrance?"

Voiced ByEdit


  • In level 1 of the Prologue, sometimes when the player runs up the first set of stairs in the Hospital, a soldier will kick a table to create cover.
  • PMC Soldiers are more aggressive with grenades than the default Combine Soldier AI.
  • PMC Soldiers never spawn in the same position: in every playthrough they will spawn at different locations.
  • Despite wearing Kevlar, any kind of damage can kill them even when hit in the chest.
  • When the two soldiers were arguing among each other while Jake was being held captive, both voices are the same. It's pretty obvious that developer wise, this would be more efficient for production; however, it's humorous to take this canonly.
  • The PMC soldiers in the Parking Lot respawn when the player drives the Humvee through the area.

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