A group of soldiers found in the South Wing on Level 2.

Conversations Edit

Mainframe Edit

  • [01] "So, have we found a way to get into the mainframe yet?"
  • [02] "Negative, sir. Apparently a small group of survivors made it in there and locked it from the inside. We're expecting a tech team to find a way to override the system."
  • [01] "Anyone above security clearance level 3 on this floor?
  • [02] "No, sir. We are cleared to shoot on sight."
  • [01] "Understood. Let me know when the tech team gets here. I'm leading the assault."
  • [02] "Yes, sir."

Power Edit

  • [01] "Hey, is the power fucked up in the entire wing, or what?"
  • [02] "Yes
  • [01] "Eh, this place's system is pretty fucked up if you ask me."
  • [02]

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