Two soldiers found on Level 5 near the Surface Access. They guard the area for escapees, but Matthew, Bryan and Jake either sneak past or kill the soldiers.

Conversation Edit

  • [01] "So, Ito really thinks those guys are gonna walk through the main entrance?"
  • [02] "Of course not, that's why we're here."
  • [01] "Alright, and what are we supposed to do if we see them?"
  • [02] "Are you really asking me that? You're supposed to shoot them, you idiot!
  • [01] "What? Without backup? Are you serious? There's only two of us."
  • [02] "Oh what, are you afraid of a few zookeepers?"
  • [01] "A few zookeepers who killed a couple dozen of our guys, yeah."
  • [02] "That was the SWAT guy...what was his name again?"
  • [01] "Hawkfield."
  • [02] "Yeah yeah, Hawkfield. That guy killed a shitload of Danko's team a few days ago. He even got Danko himself."
  • [01] "Whoa wait, that SWAT guy is with the zookeepers?"
  • [02] "Yeah, he is, and he's the one you should be worried about."
  • [01] "Shit man."

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