Rail transport


  • The City
  • A.R.C.


Rail transport

Used by

  • Jake Hawkfield
  • Bryan Johnson
  • Junior Johnson
  • PMC Soldiers
  • A.R.C. Personnel

Rail transport, such as trains, trams, railway tracks and train stations, are recurring themes throughout Underhell.

Types of rail vehiclesEdit

Prologue: We Have a SituationEdit

  • The City has a Subway System.
  • There's also a Train Station located near The Mall.

Chapter 1: Welcome To UnderhellEdit

  • The A.R.C has a rail system that is used for Maintenance, and ends at the surface. It's stations include, the Maintenance station, the Level 2 Warehouse station, the Level 2 East Wing station, and the Surface warehouse station. Late in the chapter, Jake Hawkfield and the Johnson Brothers use the train to escape the A.R.C.

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