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"I have my orders. We'll take him with us...You don't want to know. Take him away." -Royce


Royce is the leader of the 'triad', Ito's three lieutenants who assist him in leading his PMC Organization in the field. Ito and his men are employed by an unnamed corporation headed by the father of Raito, but are apparently only put to use as a last resort method.



As mentioned by Raito, his father does not approve of the methods Ito and his triad employ - only his results. To this end, they are apparently only used whenever a code red emergency has been declared in one of the facilities owned by the corporation; such as the U.D.R.C. or A.R.C.

Like the other two lieutenants of the triad, Marcus and Danko; Royce has been charged with overseeing a particular style of operation in the event of a code red being declared. Whilst Danko oversees operations to eliminate threats within the contaminated facility and Marcus pursues possible cures for spreading infections, Royce is given charge of hunting down runaways from the infected complex. Anyone who manages to escape the containment protocols will have Royce and his men pursuing them to the ends of the earth, fearful of Ito's low tolerance for failure.


Prologue: We Have a SituationEdit

Royce is not directly seen in the prologue, but can be heard at the end as he instructs his men to remove Jake from the police station interrogation room - taking him to the A.R.C for incarceration despite the protests of the local police.

Chapter One: Welcome to UnderhellEdit

Royce is only seen in a flashback segment whilst Terry explains who Ito's triad are. He elaborates that due to Royce's job of tracking down escapees, he is not present within the A.R.C during the course of the game - being preoccupied combing the outskirts for stragglers.

Chapter Two: The Dead CityEdit

Royce makes his first in-game appearance in the intro of Chapter Two featured at the conclusion of Chapter One. Royce is seen having an identical conversation with a police officer to the one he had in the prologue as he moves to take Jake from the police amidst a viral outbreak. However, it becomes clear immediately that his objective this time around is termination - not detaining.

The PMC soldiers present with Royce kill the police officer standing in their way as Jake arrives, and Royce orders them to terminate Jake - ordering his men on a violent pursuit after him as he flees, eventually managing to apparently escape.


  • Royce was originally voiced by Mxthe in the 2011 version of the prologue.

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