After Jake eliminate the Black Hawk helicopter in the mall, this SWAT character will send a distress call. He claims that he and his squad (Delta 3)are suppressed by the terrorist in the Parking Garage and that the terrorist are gathering at the lower floors of the Parking Garage.

Later, he will meet up by Jake, telling him that he surprized to see Jake. He then tells Jake in further detail on why he and his team were suppressed.

If any of the members are still alive, they will eventually be killed after approaching the barricade near the bottom.


  • "Hello, can anyone hear this? This is squad DELTA 3, we are stuck in the parking of the mall, they got us pinned down here...Apparently they are converging to the lower floor of the parking...If anyone can hear this please...We need backup...NOW!"
  • "You scared me...Thought you were one of them...As soon as we got down here they blew up the stairs and we've been pinned down between the fire and those guys...Look we have no idea what's going on..."
  • "We were told to clear the mall, We got down there and we've had no communications ever since...Let's just stick together until the communications are back online...You lead the way..."

Voiced ByEdit

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