is a character in Underhell. She is a survivor at the A.R.C. Facility.

She is voiced by Megan K.


Sasha was locked in a bathroom along with Alan untill Terry's group finds them. first appears in the Oxygen Room on Level 2, and is killed by the PMCs later on.


  • "Oh hey, you must be Jake, right? I'm glad you made it, everyone was worried sick about you. And you've been gone for hours, I mean, that's what they said, I wouldn't know, Terry found me and Alan barricaded in a bathroom while they were going through the Residential Area. I have been stuck with this jerk for so long that I think if they had been like ten minutes late, well, I'm probably the only one they would have been rescuing."
  • "I know, I know what you're thinking. 'How is she so relaxed, how is she not crying and breaking down.' Like that nurse over there that hasn't said a word since we got here. The truth is simple really, I follow the law of the jungle. Survivor's instinct and all that? If you're too weak to survive, then you die. That simple. You know, I'm not saying that I've had to fight my way through to survive, I'm just saying when you're smart and quick enough, you don't even have to fight at all, you just go right through. And if things get hot, you just hide in a closet or a locker and wait for things to calm down a bit, that's all. That's exactly what I did. I locked myself in a bathroom and waited for things to calm down. Unfortunately that didn't really happen."
  • "You know, I have no idea what's going on, but I'm not surprised that shit like this is happening. I mean, I'm just an assistant, like a secretary. I sign papers, copy papers, send papers, spellcheck papers... I don't really read all of them, gosh my life wasn't that boring, but yeah sometimes my eyes just catch something, and...well...weird shit man."

Trivia Edit

  • If players Interact with Sasha, she will tell to players with some stealth technique which may be used by players in following section of game where they want to sneak in the goal without being detected.
  • In Raito Unveiling event, Bryan quotes a speech from Sasha.

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