Side Quests are certain secondary objectives. Jake can complete them and get something in return.

Chapter One: Welcome to UnderhellEdit

  • Hermit
    • South Wing (Level 0)
      • Objective: Find him five cards
    • Maintenance Quarters
      • Objective: Find him six cards
    • Safe Room (Level 1)
    • Safe Room (Level 2)
      • Objective: Find him ten cards
  • Bryan Johnson
    • Objective: Find him painkillers
  • Benjamin
    • Safe Room (Level 1)
    • Safe Room (Level 2)
      • Objective: Hack into the Mainframe
        • Reward: Opening doors in the lobby of the North Wing.
  • Matthew Porter
    • Objective: Find Cheesy Vampire Book
  • Terrance Mason
    • Objective: Search Terry's office (Find and rescue all encountered survivors).

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