Sniper Rifle
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Steyr Mannlicher


Steyr Scout


Sniper Rifle



Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition

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Used By

Jake Hawkfield


Other rifles

The Sniper Rifle is a weapon used by Jake Hawkfield early on in the Prologue. And can be found in a secret area in the maintenance section of Chapter 1


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  • The Sniper Rifle's appearance and function resembles that of the real world Steyr Scout
  • In the prologue, Jake has the Sniper Rifle from the start. In Chapter One, the rifle is found on top of a control tower in the maintenance area warehouse that can only be accessed if he has obtained the wrench from the Hermit's first sidequest.


  • Frank's Assassin is an armored target and is immune to regular weapons fire, including the sniper rifle.
  • Like the Heckler & Koch G36K, this weapon does not share its ammo pool with other weapons.
  • There is only one time the sniper is used by a character other than Jake, which is if the player gets too close to the windows of the large room after reaching the fifth floor, their version uses a blue laser sight, similar to that of the enemy snipers in Half Life 2. But when the player enters that room himself the snipers are replaced by enemies with sub machine guns.


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