SOCOM render


  • S.W.A.T.
  • A.R.C


Heckler & Koch


MK. 23





Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition


Fire Mode(s)


Used By

  • Jake Hawkfield
  • Malcolm
  • Bryan Johnson


Other handguns

The SOCOM Mk.23 is a pistol used by both Jake Hawkfield and the Police, It is also one of four weapons Jake has in the prologue by default, the other three being the BatonHeckler & Koch MP5 and the Sniper Rifle.


At 12 rounds, the SOCOM has the lowest magazine size of the three semi-automatic pistols, but it trades this for significantly improved damage and a laser sight.  This allows easy aiming from the hip in close-quarters combat, making it easy to score headshots on single or small groups of infected.  In addition, the ironsights, while not quite as clean as those of the Beretta, are not impacted by the silencer, making the SOCOM an ideal pistol for stealthily picking off enemies at close to medium range.


  • Like the Colt Python, Jake carries the SOCOM with two hands, which makes impossible to use the hand held flashlight with it.
    • For whatever reason, this is one of the two handguns that is not wielded by only one hand.
  • It can be attained by helping Matthew in a character quest.
  • it is normal for the SOCOM do more damage than other semi-auto pistols, because not only is it for the balance of the game, but also because the developers wanted to represent in the game the Characteristics of the gun in real life. Indeed the SOCOM (its real name being the Mark 23) is chambered in .45 ACP, a powerful type of ammunition (which also explains its magazine capacity), unlike the Glock and Beretta, which are chambered in 9mm Parabellum ammunition.


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