Weapon syn

The Syringe is a portable version of the Med Kit. Its appearance is a small white medical syringe of green medicine (possibly Morphine) that, when used, restores around 15-20 HP to the player.

It is fairly abundant during the early parts of the Prologue, but after a while (after clearing the Parking Lot to be exact), it can hardly be found again, it's purpose likely replaced by Med Sprays by then.

In order to use a syringe, the "H" key must be pressed, then the ATTACK1 key to initiate healing. A single shot only provide a small amount of vital, but can be used repeatedly for much bigger effect, this makes it, if available, a more viable option than the late-introduced Med Spray.


  • The plunger is drawn too far compared to the amount of liquid in the tube, yet it is always pushed all the way down when used. This is particularly dangerous should it be done in real life, as the excess air inside the syringe can and will cause air ebolism that can be fatal.
  • The syring will not appear during the others chapters ( and also in the remake of the prologue)  , because the syringe has become obsolete thanks to the inventory system.

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