The Basement is a room in The House. It is adjacent to The House and The Backyard.

Items FoundEdit


  • Upon entering The Basement from within The House, The Basement Door will close and "She" will be seen walking past the entrance.
  • Other times she'll simply shut off the lights and close the door 
  • Sometimes when entering The Basement from The Backyard, "She" will appear and walk inside The Basement.
  • On a rare occasion on entering The Basement, "Her" legs will appear in the window twitching violently. She'll eventually float upward. 
  • Upon entry, the house will shake. 
  • When you enter basement, you can hear footsteps


  • Despite the purpose of the flashlight is to illuminate the Basement, it can still be traversed without said item since there's a light switch right beside the door when the player opens it, effectively rendering the flashlight useless for the time being.

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