The Hospital


The City

The Hospital is an building in The City. It contains four accessible levels, Lobby, 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor, and The Basement.

On September 13th, 2013, an explosion went of in hospital. Plywood was then placed onto most of the windows concealing the suspects. It was later discovered that a group of heavily armed terrorist have seized the hospital and all of it's occupants. Gunshots were soon heard and reported by a neighbor. The Terrorist had made no demands for over an hour.

After the SWAT team secures the hospital, a hostage would inform the SWAT members that The Terrorist had taken the rest of the hostages elsewhere. It was later found out that the explosion originated from basement of the hospital. The explosion was used to blow up a wall connecting the sewers to the basement, which explains how The Terrorist infiltrated the hospital in the first place.

NPCs FoundEdit


To infiltrate the hospital undetected, the terrorist had traveled through the sewers and to the wall of the basement of the hospital. They've blown up the wall connecting both the basement and sewers. They then use the elevator within the basement to enter the hospital and secure it. After securing the hospital, The Terrorist have covered the windows using plywood to conceal their movement. One of which was to transport the hostages using the elevator.

The Terrorist succeeded in moving the hostages elsewhere, forcing the SWAT teams to pursue them.


SWAT Units are allies of Jake Hawkfield. They would breach the hospital after Jake of Frank gives the order.

Upon breaching

  • Alpha Team breaches through the Lobby's side door.
  • Bravo Team breaches using the 2nd floor's side door.
  • Charlie Team assaults the hospital using the Lobby's back door.
  • Delta Team headed by Jake is planned to breach using the Lobby's garage door. This team however is allowed to select their own position to assault.

The goal for all teams is to secure the hospital and rescue the hostages. In the aftermath, only Bravo, Charlie, and Delta team would assist Jake in pursuing the terrorists.

Male HostageEdit

The Male hostage is found after clearing the third floor of the hospital. He'll open the door behind the counters and greet the player. This hostage then informs the SWAT team that the terrorist have taken the rest of the occupants of the hospital elsewhere, using the elevator.

This Hostage appears to be a visitor.

Female Hostage (Only if rescued)Edit

This character was first spotted on the roof of the hospital. She was found running away from five terrorist, forcing Jake to defend her using his sniper rifle. If Jake succeeds in defending her, she will later be found within the hospital after assaulting it, thanking Jake for saving her life.