The Kitchen is a room in The House. It is adjacent to The Backyard, The Dining Room, and The Main Hall. Sometimes the fridge and cabinets fling open themselves.

Items FoundEdit


  • Sometimes if the player walks to the double doors in The Dining Room, "She" will open the doors and walk towards the player.
  • Sometimes all the cabinets will fling themselves open.
  • At random intervals, the Fridge door will open on its own.
  • Sometimes when the player answers the phone at night in The Kitchen, the windows will shatter, followed by a low-pitch moan/scream. The player then wakes up.
  • On very rare occasions, "She" will slowly appear out of the sink, causing the player's movement to be slow and their vision to be blurred.
  • Sometimes, when the player answers the phone, Frank Greene can be heard saying things like, "You were supposed to be there, Jake". If captions are enabled during this scare, they will only appear as an ellipsis (...) instead of normal dialogue.
  • Sometimes upon entering The Kitchen, lights will begin to blink, and the clock appears to break - the hands of the clock will swing faster and the pendulum freezes in the upper position.


  • The kitchen features a rather unnerving calendar.