The Mall


The City

The Mall is an area located in The City, it has a subway station, and a Parking Garage. On October 13th, 2013, a team of Terrorists took control of the mall and all the people there, and blew up the stairway between the first floor, and the parking garage. SWAT showed up and rescue the civilians, they then were attacked by a UH-60 Black hawk, that was shot down by Jake Hawkfield.


First FloorEdit

  • Snack&Go
  • Around The World Library Floor 1
  • Hair Salon
  • Cool Furniture
  • Super Cheap Gifts
  • Video Games
  • Cybercafe

Second FloorEdit

  • Crazy Bowler
  • Crazy Bowler Fast Food
  • Around The World Library Floor 2
  • Sweet Bears

Third FloorEdit

  • Burger Spam
  • Pro Guns Store
  • Kellco
  • Starline Agency
  • Home Electronics
  • Cosmetics


  • The Burger Spam was first a McDonald's but was cut.

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