The Tunnels

The Tunnels

The Tunnels are located underneath the Well , and can be accessed by dropping a box of flares in the well and jumping in it.

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In The Tunnels, the player finds an old tape recorder and one of Angelo 's tapes. Throughout the tunnels, the player finds more tapes, and has to head back to the room with the recorder to listen to them.


  • When the player encounters the room with the tape recorder, the first thing to notice is the closet in the corner. This same closet is also used in Jake's Nightmares, to hide from Guilt.
  • In the tunnels you can meet Angelo. He will chase you when he sees you and he always says "I'm sorry!". Your vision will blurred when you look at him.
  • During your trip around the tunnels, you can find different types of tapes lying around on the ground, they can be played at the room with the tape recorder, acting like a log for Angelo's life within the tunnels.

I'm sorry !!!

  • When he catches you he will be in front of your face and he will be covered with fire. 

Angelo is sorry

then you will wake up in your bed in the house like nothing happened.

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