These are the Trailers for the Underhell series.


Gameplay VideosEdit



Chapter 1 TrailerEdit

  • (Matthew): "Why was the code red giving at the other facility?"
  • (Bryan): "So what?..What about gettin outta here?"
  • (Terry): "I know this base like the back of my hand...And I'm saying now that if we want to get out of here alive, we got to work as a team...Cause we're at the bottom floor of a 5-story underground complex that isn't even supposed to exist."
  • (Ben): "You mean you guys don't even know what this place is?..I thought this facility belonged to the government."
  • (Matthew): "Do you people even know what the government is?..You think it's a room full of politicians that make decisions?..There is no government...The president, the democracy it's all a bunch of fucking lies...They feed you bullshit because that is what you want to hear...Because you can't handle the truth!"
  • (Terry): "What the hell is going on here?!"
  • (Bryan): "Nothin' Terry I got this man...It's all good."
  • (Matthew): "So I heard you're a SWAT huh?..Or were a SWAT...I don't think it makes much of a difference in here anyways."
  • (Terry): "Eric, my name is Terrance Mason...I'm chief of security of the penetencial facility on this level as well as general security on levels 2 and 3...This situation is critical and we have received no orders even though we have a working radio feed."
  • (Bryan): "Alright you heard the man...Let's try and find the southern core access."
  • (Ben): "Hey, can anyone hear me...Guys are you there?..Bryan?"
  • (Terry): "Malcolm, activate the automated cycle...RIGHT NOW!"
  • (Ben): "Bryan...Was he...Why are you shooting at us?!"
  • (Bryan): "Who's shootin'...You're shootin' I'm not shootin' y'all started shootin'!"
  • (Matthew): "We just got here Ben...We did not start shooting at you!"
  • (Ben): "What?!...Then who did?"
  • (Bryan): "What the fuck happend man?! I went down there on my own! you know, not telling you so you wouldn't follow me- This happens? what...What the fuck did I do wrong man?!"
  • (Matt): "What do you mean another one? Another place like this?"
  • (Ito): "So the boss's son is here as well...What a touching family reunion...I should've known you would betray him..."
  • (Ben): "Nonononono...This is not happening."
  • (Bryan): "Shut up...Save your breath and run!"
  • (Junior): "Goddamn it this was our only way out!"
  • (Bryan): "Open up you piece of shit!"
  • (Bryan): "Junior...Get in the elevator now!"
  • (Junior): "What are we gonna do, man?!"
  • (Bryan): "Shut up! Shut up just...Just let me think SHUT UP!"
  • (Matt): "SHIT move move move move!"
  • (Hector): "Let's get the hell outta here, this way!"
  • (Ben): "What?! It doesn't make any sense! They left it open when I went to the maintenance access."
  • (Junior): "HOLY SHIT! It's gonna shoot- AHHHHHH!!"

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